Cheryl Pastor’s Interview with Melissa Opie: Health, Confidence, and Embodiment

November 21, 2014

Believing in your self-worth and claiming your value is a passion of mine. I have struggled in my life with living up to what I think others wanted me to say and act at the expense of my own happiness. I was afraid of not fitting in or being criticized or even rejected. Not being able to speak and live my truth and my beliefs felt so constricting…like being in a cage.

My guest, Melissa Opie, joined me for an awesome interview and told us how she’s been called to help women combat the effects of mainstream marketing on your self-esteem and how she can help you be free to do the work you are called to do. You can get Melissa's free gifts by emailing her at
Here is Melissa's contact information:
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Recognize and Develop Your Intuition

October 7, 2014

My name is Cheryl Pastor of, and this is another in a series of podcasts about DeMystifying the Woo. Intuition is the inexplicable force that guides us, protects us and gives us insight “out of the blue”. We all possess it. We just don’t all develop it and use it. We don’t all quiet ourselves from the busy outside world and listen to the still voice of the inner world within us. Intuition helps to give us a deeper understanding of the world within and around us. Make better business and life decisions. Learn what intuition is, how to recognize it and how to develop it to make better business and life decisions. 

De-Mystifying the Woo_Coming Out of the Closet

September 27, 2014

Cheryl Pastor of talks about her series on de-mystifying the woo. In this episode she explains how she was searching for answers to the spiritual and finally stepped out of the Woo closet. Now she is showing others the way of the woo, how to explain and integrate it into your life, and to dispel the fear surrounding it.